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Welcome to my site! I provide readings for all questions you may have.

My Services

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I am currently available for readings and spells! If you are interested in one of my services please either visit me on my FB page below or  the contact me link provided. I will be updating the site throughout the week with new subscriptions offers, new decks and new spells. If you would like a more up to date account you may visit my Etsy page that has a complete list of my services at this time.

Order a Large Spread

These larger spreads are more in depth for more understanding to the answers you seek. If you hover over the images to the right you will see what questions are asked for each spread. Large spreads are $20.00. 

Order a Medium Sized Spread

These are medium spreads cards that can answer different questions that you are seeking. If you hover over the images on the right, you can see what each spread is and what questions are answered. Medium spreads are $12.00.

Order a 3 Card Spread

These spreads are quick to the point spreads. I have added both the Reincarnation Deck and the Karma Deck. Small spreads are $5.00. 

Order Your Soul Path Spread

This is the Soul Path Spread, which tells you your individual soul, the lessons or guidance, what you are learning on a physical plane, what is now passing, and what is now manifesting. This spread is primarily used with this deck only. This spread is 
The first card represents your soul
The second card represents your spiritual guidance or lesson
The third card  represents what you are learning on the physical plane right now 
The fourth card it represents  what is passing right now 
The fifth card  represents what is now manifesting in your life

This spread is $10.00


*Choose your Deck, if you find one you are drawn to please put it in. If left blank I will determine the deck as the best fit for the question and reading. If you pick one that may not work out so well. I will change it for more accurate answers for you.    


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